Everything that’s wrong with today’s world – part 1 in a very occasional series

Sometimes, when I’m lost for ideas or looking to add new contacts who might be interested in my work, I’ll peruse MySpace profiles. Sometimes I’ll go through my friends’ friends, others I’ll check out the recommendations. MySpace also has in its homepage a tab for ‘people’ (along with celebrity updates (which include insightful status updates from the likes of Russell Brand – ‘Just posted a new vid on…’ and Lady Gaga ‘I love korea!! Xoxo’), music, etc.). I’ve no idea how these people get selected, but occasionally check their profiles either by clicking in error, or through curiosity. They never fail to disappoint in their inherent shitness. Bland, egotistical posers one and all, and the majority are borderline retarded.

The sad fact is that these are average, everyday people, and as such largely representative of our society (at least the 16-35 age bracket). This short article marks the first in an occasional series. When I’m feeling lazy or pressed for time, rather than try to summon the bile and expend the energy trying to create an articulate critique regarding an issue that, for me, represents things that are wrong with the world today, I’ll simply copy and paste someone’s ‘about me’ blurb to make my point by way of illustration.

So, to kick off, I would like to introduce you all to Mr Edward Nigma…

Sports dnt like many take 2 much effort lol!!! i like all motor sports mostly bikes tho.(well watchin them) Scared Of spiders a hate the things more than 4 legs just aint normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Happiest When in bed out with ma mates or on ma bike or just messin about doin random stuff lol. Things i hate!!!!!!!!!!! a hate traffic cops(fat pricks in a shiny car wae hats on WANKERS!!!! ) , sundy drivers, gd weather bikers and scooters. Tattoos most of ma tattoos have a reason bhind them well apart from ma clown it was just random lol and a must add they r addictive and a want more!!!!!!!!!!! if any 1 wants 2 buy me some just say lol .

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