Concern Grows as Christopher Nosnibor’s Blog Falls Quiet

While the world was in a frenzy over the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic games last night, and many breathed a sigh of relief over the postponement of global wars and financial crises, as well as a temporary suspension of all criminal activity, in particular rape, murder, child molestation and car crime, a small number of observers began to grow agitated by the lack of spouting on Christopher Nosnibor’s blog.

Nosnibor, a music reviewer, novelist and self-appointed commentator with a tendency to fire salvoes of bile into the blogosphere in response to events and phenomena linked to popular culture, has been suspiciously quiet in recent weeks, and following a succession of posts promoting his latest ‘novel’, the mass-market friendly This Book is Fucking Stupid, and a series of outbursts over E. L. James’ bonkbusting mummy porn 50 Shades trilogy and the Olympic torch relay, his blog, hosted by WordPress has lain dormant.

Speculation began to build concerning Nosnibor’s activity before one fellow blogger decided to email him to get the lowdown.

‘Fuck off,’ was the terse reply. ‘I’m working’.

Nosnibor did, however, follow this up with a statement confirming that he was suspending blogging activity for the duration of the Olympics, on the premise that his lack of comment was comment in itself.

‘It’s my equivalent of a boycott’, he explained. ‘Plus, I need to crack on with some reviews and a piece of fiction I’m currently working on. Going to ground while everyone else is immersed in the games seems like a a sound strategy to me.’

Although some observers suggested that this was in itself a form of negative self-promotion and typical of Nosnibor’s recent antics connected with This Book is Fucking Stupid, most simply ignored the whole non-event in much the same way as usual.

WordPressing Issues: New Blog Location and Other Changes

Having previously devoted some time to to finding a blogging platform that offered reasonable visibility, extreme ease of use and could be readily – and again, easily, given my limited technical skills – fed into my website, I’ve spent the last year or more augmenting my MySpace blog with pieces posted on my Windows Live blog. It wasn’t great and the limitations on comments were frustrating, (i.e. you need an account to comment, and I learned that much of my traffic is ‘casual’ rather than ‘networked’ or repeat visitors), but it did the job.

LiveSpaces are to be shut down early in 2011: they’re merging with (or, more specifically, being replaced by) WordPress. That’s cool, not least of all because WordPress offers a much greater and more flexible functionality, and during the period in the run-up to the end of LiveSpaces, the option to migrate existing Live blogs onto WordPress blogs has made the transition relatively smooth.

I say relatively, because a lot of the formatting has been screwed up in the process: line spacing, font colour, font types… the old blog is now here on WordPress, and while the contents has made it unscathed, aesthetically, it’s a bit of a mess. It’s something I will be attending to, in due course. However, it’s not a top priority at this moment in time, and I need to get myself acquainted with the workings of WordPress, which may take some time and could well result in things looking worse before they look better.

Hey ho. I’m here, and if you’re reading this, so are you. Thanks for stopping by: please com again. And remember, there’s always more of the same (only different) at