Amazon Adenture – Up the Creak with a Borrowed Paddle

One of the reasons I like to be closely involved with the publication of my work is that I like the degree of control it affords me, over so many of the details I consider important. The design, the marketing, and perhaps most importantly, what actually goes out are all things I like to keep a close eye on. And if there are any shortcomings in any of these, I’ve no-one to blame but myself – which means I’m not going to fall out with anyone over a bad job, etc., etc., provided I’m willing and able to accept my own limitations.

Sometimes, however, it’s good to relinquish some of that control. Sometimes, things happen that are beyond my control, without my intervention. This is why when Lulu, who I use for all of my PoD requirements, notified me that THE PLAGIARIST had been selected for a pilot involving Amazon marketplace, I decided to let it run, rather than opting out. And I’m glad I did. UK sales via are actually up, after a quiet spell and after a period where I’ve not really been promoting the book.

I was similarly surprised today to find that someone’s added a second entry for Bad Houses over on, as well as there now being a listing for the hardback edition of THE PLAGIARIST. This is great, as Clinicality and I jointly agreed not to obtain an ISBN for this instead deciding to focus finance and energy on the mainstream ‘mass-market’ paperback a few months later.

Perhaps most remarkably, C.N.N. can now also be purchased as ‘New and Used’ on This was entirely self-published, and again, I didn’t see it as a work that warranted an ISBN, and without an ISBN, you can’t get your book listed anywhere, and this includes Amazon. And now it’s here without my having to fork out. Great! Given that promotion for C.N.N. was minimal, sales never really took of, and I had been considering pulling the publication entirely. But now I think I shall leave it, at least for the time being, and see what happens.

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