Nothing like a good conspiracy theory… the Michael Jackson media frenzy

Well, it’s true, there’s nothing like a good conspiracy theory, and this is nothing like a good conspiracy theory. However, I thought I’d spin something out just for the hell of it and see how it went down, fully expecting it to get completely buried in the media blizzard that has become the death of Michael Jackson. And while it might not be setting the blogosphere alight, ‘Is Michael Jackson Really Dead? And if so, Could Kanye West be to Blame?‘ is proving to be by far the most successful thing I’ve written to date, at least in terms of hits. And while I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this – after all, having been thrown together in a couple of hours, I don’t think it’s my best writing and I’d much prefer a piece like ‘Blogging and the Myspace Generation: Gatecrashing Someone Else’s Therapy Session‘ to be widely read, or, better still, to be recognised as a writer of fiction, I really oughtn’t grumble. After all, all any writer wants is to be read…

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