Going Soft on the Hard Sell – and Michael Jackson Continues to Cause Trouble

A few days on from the publication of ‘Before the Flood’ I should probably be using this blog space to really push it. After all, as this is a little self-produced pamphlet that I’ve funded myself, I run the risk of not only growing despondent over my lack of success, but out of pocket to boot if I don’t shift at least enough units to break even (which at the time of writing, I haven’t). However, I really struggle to bring myself to do the hard sell. I think I’m generally pretty adept at self-promotion – on-line, at least, if not so much in real life – but it’s ventures like this that make me realise why a career in marketing wasn’t for me.

One reason I often flag when it comes to promoting a new publication is because a) I really don’t feel all that comfortable pushing it b) I’m always well into the next project (or, as is more usual, well onto my next project which is already three on from the one that’s hitting the virtual shelves. I’m certainly not one to sit back and take a breather when one thing’s complete. Life’s too short.

In the case of ‘Before the Flood,’ there are pieces I’m writing that are demanding a lot of focus and energy that are taking shape and I’m also putting a fair amount of time into the Clincality anthology, which is showing all the early signs of being a truly amazing book. Watch this space…

In addition to all of this, I can’t help but be continually distracted by the media insanity that continues a little over a week since Michael Jackson’s death. I know, I should just turn it off, but I have my reasons, because, believe it or not, does actually affect me. Well, sort of.

How does it affect me? You’ll not find me playing my Jacko albums on a loop for the next few weeks (I have none, and while I think ‘Billie Jean’ is a great song, don’t really rate his work), or bawling in the street, that’s for sure. However, the situation has actually presented me with something of a problem. I recently received a draft manuscript for a novel that Clinicality Press are planning to put out later this year or early next. I love the book, but thought a few changes would be of benefit. I suggested changing the name of one of the characters to Mike (or Michael) Jackson. The author agreed to this, and a fortnight ago passed me the next draft containing some substantial revisions based on my suggestions. Days later, what happens? So, does the book stay as is, or it is better to revise again? One of my friends suggested that the name should be changed to Paul Gadd to see if it has the same effect, and while I’m tempted, I wonder just how freaked out I’d be if the book does have some kind of curse?

So, anyway, the pamphlet’s out (and can be obtained via the link below), there’s another on the way in September, there are still copies of ‘Lust for Death’ available, and I’m still deciding what to do with ‘THE PLAGIARIST: THE MOVIE.’ As I said, never one to sit back and take a breather….


2 thoughts on “Going Soft on the Hard Sell – and Michael Jackson Continues to Cause Trouble

  1. Without reading the book it is impossible to offer advice on the name… I guess you and the author will have to use your judgement…Glad to see you\’re blogging on your own site now, although I\’m not wild about live.com. How have you found it with Technorati? Should we exchange favouriting? Are you on LastFM yet… I\’m trying to figure out how to make any good use of that… So many questions and so little to do with this specific blog entry….

  2. Aha, fancy seeing you on here! Yeah, I\’m maintaining pretty good contact with the author – chances are the name will stay. It\’s nothing if not a potential marketing angle.Live\’s not great but it\’s easy to link up with the website and these little things are always handy for a techno(rati) crip like me. On the subject of which, I\’m still finding it toss, and should probably revisit Last FM before too long…

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