from ‘Counting the Hours’

How did it happen? It’s hard to say. I suppose there was a certain trigger but it was nothing obvious. I didn’t suddenly wake up one day and find myself unable to function. There was no illness, no hospital white linen, no scars, just a loud noted absence. There was no accident or mishap, no signs of external injury, no black eyes. I sometimes – often – think that it would have been considerably easier if there had been something physical tangible or some event something I could mark in my diary or on the calendar, a date I could pinpoint and note as an anniversary. Yes truly I would really rather have suffered something, some trauma, some shock, something – anything – that I could spend my time trying to erase from my memory, than this… this nothing this lack the consequence of which I find myself devoting hours and hours – for wont of anything better to do – to the trawling of my recollections in a futile attempt to locate the source, the root, the single defining occurrence which marked the start of it all. The beginning of the end.

‘Counting the Hours’ is the third in a series of four pamphlets to be published through 2009 in limited edition runs of just 25 copies .

It will be available to order from, priced at £3.50 inclusive of p&p within the UK. (for Europe it’s £4.50 and £5.25 to all other destinations), from Monday 28th September.

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