Brainwash Festival, Leeds, 1st November 2009 Pt 2: Maybeshewill

Maybeshewill produce an unusual hybridised racket, too rock to be post-rock, but not as metal as, say, And So I Watch You From Afar. That isn’t to say that their songs lack the gentler or more intricate elements common to many post-rock acts, but that they’re not as given to the fragility common to the genre. And when Maybeshewill rock out – which is often – they really do rock it, with big, heavy, ballsy, grungy riffs.

They apologise on a number of occasions through the course of the set about the technical difficulties they’re having, but from the front it sound just fine, not to mention abundantly loud. Samples fire off to provide narrative and texture to This Time Last Year and there are no shortage of twists, turns, tempo and volume changes to hold the attention through a punchy and powerful little set.

Don’t forget, there’s always more of the same (only different) at!


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