I’m Not Afraid Any More….

I’m generally too busy writing to look for reviews of my work. In fact, half the time I’m not even sure what’s been published or when, although since I decided to cut back and focus on some longer works in 2010, it has been a little easier to keep tabs on things (besides music reviews, that is). Having had 370 of the things appear last year, and having got off to a busy start in January (42 reviews so far), it’s fair to say that the short fiction has taken a bit of a back seat.

I daresay I will find the time and motivation again once my current, longer projects are done and dusted.

Anyway, the tail-end of 2010 saw a piece I’d been thinking about for an age but hadn’t got around to writing finally chiselled into shape and published in the second issue of the rather excellent northeastern zine I’m Afraid of Everyone. From what I can tell, it’s being well-received, and I was particularly heartened to find this review (and it’s nice to see that Ian Chung @ The Cadaverine is loving my work, too): http://www.thecadaverine.com/?p=2111


And if you’re loving my work, there’s more of the same (only different) at Christophernosnibor.co.uk.

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