Well I’m Excited…. Inching Closer to My Destination

The publication of a new book always brings with it a degree of trepidation, nervousness, even anxiety intermingled with the anticipation that can border on excitement. It also means I have work to do: being published by a no-budget publisher run by a couple of guys – albeit very hard-working, enthusiastic guys – in their spare time means the amount of promotion that gets done on my behalf is fairly limited. So an imminent publication date means work for me, raising my profile and making people aware that I have a book due. It’s not something I particularly enjoy doing: I find it difficult. To my mind, it’s too close to cold sales calling, door-to-door campaigning, standing in the street handing out leaflets or holding a banner, i.e. the potential to be an irritant is vast, and there’s a very grave danger that everyone will think you’re a cock. Promoting your own stuff means you can preface ‘cock’ with ‘egotistical’ too.

Still, needs must and while I’m anxious about sale, first and foremost, I’m anxious about reception, specially when it comes to a book like From Destinations Set. There’s every chance that people will find the presentation off-putting, too difficult to contemplate. But then I didn’t really write the book for them: this is a book for readers who want a challenge.

It was with no small amount of joy that I read the first review of the book, by writer Leeza Coleman. She describe the reading experience as ‘intense’ – which is exactly the kind of reaction I was hoping for. Her review is on Facebook, and Clinicality are taking advance orders now. Now roll on the 28th….


And if you’re loving my work, there’s more of the same (only different) at Christophernosnibor.co.uk.

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