Conservative Party Goes Green for EU Election Campaign

I’ve heard it claimed a number of times now, that the ‘new’ Conservative Party is a greener party. And David Cameron on a bicycle certainly presents a more environmentally-friendly image than, say, John ‘Two Jags’ Prescott (hmm, where is he, now?), and that fat bastard of a PM who clearly thinks that exercise is dialling the number for a pizza to be delivered.

And so it was, that the other day I received a leaflet from the Conservatives telling me why I should vote for them in the forthcoming EU elections. There’s been surprisingly little campaign literature through my letter box in the run-up to this election: one from the Greens, two from UKIP, and most recently this. I was rather disturbed by the fact that it was addressed to me. personally: full name, including middle initial. Now, I’m on the electoral register, but then so is my wife, and this was addressed solely to me. I hope it goes without saying that I’ve never voted Conservative, and I’ve never given these fuckers my details. So how did they get them, and why are they writing to me? Well, apart from because they want my vote, that is….

On the front of this leaflet is the slogan ‘Vote for Change.’ Now, I’m all for change. Which is why I’m not voting Conservative. Given that New Labour proved to be, in effect, the Old Tories, why would I want the so-called ‘New’ Tories (who very much resemble Labour circa 1997) to be able to decide what goes on? But there was something else that troubled me: that slogan seemed oddly familiar, and a strange sense of déjà vu began to creep over me.

Because I’m curious, and a compulsive reader, I had a look inside the leaflet, which contained the usual bollocks about how shit the other parties are and why the party behind the leaflet in your hand is the only one that will actually do anything and that wants to act in your interests. That’s your interests as in mine, apparently. Yeah, right.

Most strikingly, the leaflet’s interior reiterated the ‘change’ angle, this time with a slightly different slogan: ‘It’s time for change.’ Boom! Yes, the Conservative Party are using Barack Obama’s election campaign slogan. Did they think no-one would notice? Personally, I find it rather an affront to assume that voters – like me – have such short memories, for a start. And the alignment with Obama… well, it’s a bit rich. Britain may be experiencing some dark times, and while our current government have done a fine job of screwing things up, one has to remember the legacy they inherited in the first place. Still, despite the leaflet not being printed on recycled paper, I am now nevertheless convinced that the Conservatives are committed to recycling – other people’s campaign slogans, if nothing else.

It’s hardly surprising that I, like many others, am disaffected where politics is concerned. All the parties are much of a muchness, and they’re all fundamentally crap. So while I’m still deciding how best to cast my vote, one thing’s for certain, and that’s that I will be voting, if only to keep the BNP from gaining ground. Because apathy can be dangerous indeed.

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