Slogging My Guts Out: The Day of Reckoning as Things Turn Brutal

This week is a big week for me. The book I’ve edited and been heavily involved in at every stage – from design through to promotion, and beyond – is out on Monday, the 25th. Clinical, Brutal… An Anthology of Writing With Guts is a book I’m immensely proud of. It looks the business, and the contents are even better. Of course, I can only take so much responsibility for the contents. The authors who contributed have all delivered truly amazing works – as I knew they would. As the submissions flowed in, I felt the burden of responsibility to deliver an introduction and overall book that did these pieces justice grew. I like to think I’ve succeeded. The authors I’ve had feedback from so far, and the other Clinicality staff, have been brilliantly supportive, not to mention excited.

Some of you may be aware that I’ve been conducting interviews with some of the contributing authors, partly as a means of promotion, but equally because I’m curious to dig deeper into the minds of the twisted sick fucks behind the writing. Some of these have already appeared on the Clinicality website and over on Clinicality Press’ MySpace blog. There are more to follow in the coming weeks.

However, my work is done – for now – and so I’m heading off for my annual Coleridge Kick and will be off-line for a while. I sign off with the suggestion that you buy the book – not for me, but because it’s a cracking read: the list of featured authors is a veritable catalogue or roll-call of the most exciting cult authors who’ve been making waves (and tunnels) on line in the past couple of years or so. Their work deserves to be read, and I’m proud to have worked with them on this project. The list of contributors is as follows:

Pablo Vision
Kestra Faye
Jim Lopez
Radcliff Gregory
Díre McCain
Stewart Home
A.D. Hitchin
Richard Kovitch
Christopher Nosnibor
Lee Kwo
S. F. Grimm
David Mark Dannov
D M Mitchell
Jock Drummond
Lucius Rofocale
Stuart Bateman
Karl van Cleave
Vincent Clasper
Constance Stadler
Bill Thunder
Christopher Bateman
Simon Phillips
Maria Gornell

Clinical, Brutal… will be available from Clinicality Press on Monday – either direct or via the POD printer – and will be on Amazon and countless other places, ranging from Barnes and Noble to Tesco fairly soon (it’s something Clinicality has no control over in terms of precise dates).

The Clinicality website is HERE.

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