What Have You Been Doing? Managing the Real / Virtual Life Balance

When push comes to shove, real life activity
has to take priority over virtual life. Similarly – and I’m not the
most fiscally-motivated person in the world – real paid work sometimes
has to come before that which doesn’t pay. So, what with various social
activities strategically placed to give me  a break from the
time-consuming, if reasonably paid work that the new semester brings,
and other academic and real-life things to attend to, the writing of
blogs and new rants, essays and works of fiction hasn’t had much of a
look in this week. This looks likely to be the shape of things for the
next few weeks, maybe longer, too.

However, I have been
conducting interviews with some of the truly remarkable authors who
contributed to Clinicality Press’ Clinical, Brutal… An Anthology of
Writing with Guts’ that I edited and was published late last month.
Whaddayaknow, as people they’re every bit as interesting and
thought-provoking as their fiction.

The interviews are being
posted at the Clinicality website, and so far I’ve interviewed Jock
Drummond, Karl van Cleave, Antony Hitchin, Richard Kovitch, D M
Mitchell, Dire McCain, Vincent Clasper, and, most recently, Jim Lopez in
what proved to be an expansive and incredibly informative exchange.
These can all be read here: http://clinicalitypress.co.uk/ClinicalBrutal.aspx

are more to follow, inlcuding Stuart Bateman, Constance Stadler, Maria
Gornell and Pablo Vision.

Please, go and read the interviews, and
explore the work of these illustrious wordsmiths. There should be
enough there to keep y’all going while I’m keeping a low profile…

And if you’ve loving my
work, buy
the book

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