Straight Down the Middle / Diminished Responsibility

Well, while I’m insanely busy on a couple of immense projects and the endless production of music reviews that mean blogs and short pieces will continue to be few and far between, Stuart’s been taking care of business at Clinicality. In fact, I’m essentially stepping down for the forseeable future and leaving the running – both the everyday stuff and the big decisions) to him. As such, Stuart’s going to be responsible for the forthcoming publications, and is also exploring new directions to expand the press’ outlets and raise its profile (without spending any money, which is perhaps as well as we haven’t got any).
It’s good news for me, as it means I can concentrate on the projects I’m committed to. What’s more, he’s going to be putting out a couple of new works that I wrote a while ago and then simply left, for various reasons. The first of these is my simultaneous narrative novella, From Destinations Set. Started as a piece to offer Bookworks as part of their Semina series, it made the 2008 shortlist but failed to get a commission. Nevertheless, having written a good chunk of it and planned out the rest, I finished it, then immediately gave up hope of publication after a strong of rejections and the realisation that I had no idea how the formatting could be made to work as a print conversion. I left the manuscript with Stuart, and one day, he figured it out and decided it should go out on Clinicality. I wasn’t going to argue… Anyway, here’s a link to a sample of the book:
…and below is the official line from Stuart via Clinicality.

Clinicality Press may be a small no-budget publisher, but that doesn’t mean we lack ambition or a roster of work that we have total faith in. To this end, we’re going all-out on bringing new titles to the market in the next six months, as well as exploring new avenues (for us) for the circulation of our existing titles.
As of next week, Christopher Nosnibor’s ground-shredding anti-novel, THE PLAGIARIST will be available for Amazon Kindle in the US, and we’re also now selling copies of the physical version directly through the ‘New and Used’ section of Amazon in the UK. We intend to expand the range of Clinicality publications available through both of these channels in the coming weeks and months.

In other Nosnibor-related news, we will be publishing his ‘lost’ novella, From Destinations Set on Monday, August 2nd. Extending the experimentation of THE PLAGIARIST, From Destinations Set was written in 2008 and adopts the ‘simultaneous narrative’ that Christopher first incorporated in ‘Heading South’ (published in Neonbeam 4) and which was also a feature of the extremely limited 2008 pamphlet A Call for Submission. From Destinations Set tells the stories of two very different people in simultaneous real-time, and is both challenging and cerebral while also pushing the parameters of narrative convention to tackle the eternal problem of time / space and linearity. From Destinations Set will be available as a hardback with dust jacket, intended primarily for the US market (but available as an import to other territories) and globally as a .PDF download at a significantly lower price.

We will be following this in September with a duo of hard-hitting booklets: The Gimp by Christopher Nosnibor (with an introduction by Lucius Rofocale) and Kicks by Vincent Clasper.

The year will be rounded off with the publication of a rollercoaster of a novel entitled

Hack by James Wells. A book about sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, Hack comes on like John Niven’s Kill Your Friends if it had been written as a collaboration between Chuck Palanhiuk and Richard Blandford. Dymanic, perverse and musically obsessed, Hack has all the hallmarks of a contemporary classic. It will be available first as an ebook via Smashwords, and will be followed by a physical publication in 2011.
Promotion will be relatively low-key, due to financial limitations, but we’re committed to getting these quality works out there. Your support is always hugely appreciated, and if you like what we’re doing, spread the word!

You want more? Time and money permitting, there will be a second anthology, a follow-up to Clinical Brutal… An Anthology of Writing with Guts toward the end of 2011, as well as a second novel by Bill Thunder.

Keep watching for more updates.

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