Compare and Contrast: Bauhaus vs Hole

It seems only fitting to follow my last compare and contrast which featured Nirvana with a Hole-related compare and contrast. Perhaps even more than Kurt, Courtney Love’s appreciation of punk and new wave was a major influence, given that she was ‘there’ as it were, residing in Liverpool, sharing a place with Julian Cope and befriending Ian McCulloch of Echo and the Bunnymen at the end of the 1970s and the dawn of the 80s.

There is, of course, a fine line between influence and plagiarism, and the two clips here show just how much Courtney had absorbed Bauhaus’ catalogue when she penned the songs that would appear on the first Hole album.

For the record, I think they’re both great.



Apologies for the lack of moving images with ‘Mrs Jones’: none of the videos I could find had bearable audio, which kinda makes comparison difficult…..



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2 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast: Bauhaus vs Hole

  1. I’ve never thought much of Courtney Love and now, I think even less of her. What a bloody blatant ripoff of one of Bauhaus best songs. Guess she must have experienced them whilst she was in the UK hanging around with Mr. Cope and company…

    Anyway, nice to have found your blog via the Julian Cope tag which I have on my own blog.

  2. It is a pretty blatant pilfer when you play the tracks in succession… I don’t necessarily think it’s an entirely bad thing, though. Besdies, Bauhaus weren’t averse to a spot of borrowing themselves, not least of all in Peter Murphy’s blatant ripping off of David Bowie. But yes, I expect that would have been how she encountered Bauhaus: they didn’t really catch on in the States at the time.

    Nice to know that tagging does work! I’m now thinking I should hop over to your blog….

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