Compare and Contrast: The Sisters of Mercy vs Husker Du

Ok, so I’m no musician – my guitar-playing is, you could say, rudimentary – and I can’t read music and struggle to play by ear. But I am a music obsessive, and can recognise some songs from the crackle of the needle that preceded the intro (or from the silence between tracks on CDs). Anyway, I’m by no means suggesting that these two songs are identical, just that the bassline of Husker Du’s ‘Blah Blah Blah’ has more than a passing similarity to the Sister of Mercy’s debut single, ‘The Damage Done’.


Given the Sisters’ tendency to appropriate and paraphrase, you might have thought that Mr Eldritch had drawn influence from the US punk band… but the Sisters track predates Husker Du’s by a couple of years. So, coincidence…? You decide!




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