Life Skills

I like to think I’m reasonably equipped with a broad range of life skills. The chances are I’m deluding myself, but in the main, I manage to convince people I’m a reasonable, functional human being with the capacity to operate on a day-to-day basis and possess most of the basic social skills required to deal with social situations. This suggests I’m at least a half-decent actor, if nothing else. But one skill I haven’t mastered is going to bed, at least at a reasonable hour.

It’s not a lack of planning that’s the issue, but the lack of hours in the day that mean I struggle to get to bed more than three or four hours before I’m due to get up, whatever time that may be. But then, even if I do get to bed earlier, the chances are I’ll wake up earlier instead. But then, sleep is for wimps, and the world’s infinitely sharper from the insomniac’s perspective…



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