Me and My Generic Features

So, walking through town around 1pm, a large woman probably in her 50s or early 60s caught my attention. She was looking in my direction, waving excitedly, a huge grin on her face, shouting, “Paul! Hey, Paul!” The street was busy, so I reasonably assumed Paul was somewhere behind me, and carried on walking, thinking little of this. Similarly, I paid no mind to her as she crossed the road toward me, still waving and calling, so consequently visibly jumped when she appeared around a foot away from me saying, “Hey Paul!” …before trailing off and explaining that I’m ‘’the spitting image” of her friend, Paul.

It’s an easy mistake to make. I do have an extremely generic face, and the hat and tinted eyewear make me even less unique. I mean, I’m practically interchangeable with half the world’s population, as the street heckle I received from one bozo with the shout of “Trevor Nelson!” only last week demonstrates….